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Find the perfect cute cat to make sure you will happy when take a time with cat and take care them.

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Becoming a cat sitter can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, especially if you love cats and have a passion for caring for them.

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Start a franchise in the pet care industry that can meet the needs of pet owners and their beloved companions

Welcome to The Cat of Meme

Cat of Meme evaluated, ranked and successful based on 3 main criteria: Elon Musk, Vitalik shilling in their social, big Meme community in crypto shilling on influential media channels and Cat of Meme Contract develop on Solana network is trending.

Catofmeme Token

Pet grooming is a vital aspect of pet care that involves maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of animals

Cat Gamefi

A funny game that makes meme projects more interesting and valuable with Cat of meme tokens.
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Phase 1: Development and Foundation (Q1 2024)

Conceptualization and Team Formation (Q1 2024): Our journey begins with the formation of a dedicated team of developers, designers, and blockchain experts passionate about bringing CAT OF MEME to life. We brainstorm ideas, establish our vision, and lay the groundwork for the project's development.

Phase 2: Alpha Testing and Community Engagement (Q2-Q3 2024)

Alpha Testing Launch (Q2 2024): We launch the alpha version of CAT OF MEME, inviting a select group of testers to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. We gather valuable insights from the community to refine gameplay mechanics, squash bugs, and optimize performance.

Phase 3: Public Launch and Expansion (Q3-Q4 2024 and 2025)

Public Launch (Q3 2024): With the game polished and refined, we officially launch CAT OF MEME to the public, marking the beginning of a new era in application.
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